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Children's Songbook has been published!

publication — 3 October 2010

Bandung. Beginning in late September 2010 Children's Songbook already can be ordered at each branch office. After delayed for some time, now finally this song books published.

"With the 'Children's Songbook', the publisher hopes to cover a gap", declares the state in the early part of the Preface.

For years, children's choir sing the song of our children from the congregation Songbook and The Adult Choir Songs. Often the songs are not in accordance with needs. How difficult song to sing without having a suitable material, known only by him who once sang with the children.

"This little collection of songs which have been prepared for use in the service of children" noted later in the Preface.

So hopefully these songs useful, so fulfilled in our children what we have also sing, when we were kids: "House of God our joy forever!"

Children's SOngbook
Size: 14 x 20 cm
Content paper: HVS 80 gr
Cover paper: Artpaper 230 gr
Content: 52 pages