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Glory be to God our Father
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Entering the New Year giving Glory to God

asia — 4 Januari 2017

All new apostolic congregations celebrated the beginning of the new year with a commitment to glorify God, our Father!

The Chief Apostle greeted the members with an address for all Christians. http://nac.today/en/a/431634

"Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen"
(Philippians 4:20)

The Apostle Paul said "NOW". Praise and worship is the essential task of all Christians and also today, this call is for "NOW"

To glorify God is our program for 2017 and that is more than the expression of an emotion: It is the result of Holy Spirit’s work in our soul and thus consists of three tasks.

  1. RECOGNISE the greatness of the Father in His creative activity
  2. THANKFULNESS by expressing gratitude for His gifts
  3. PROCLAIM His glory by behaving like children of God

Let us join together in this effort and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us so that we may all glorify our God and Father with one mind and one mouth. (Romans 15:6)